Google Apps as a catalyst for interactivity?

Over the next few days, I’m going to be looking at the possibilities that Google Apps provide in creating a ready-make extranet-cum-email system for large-ish voluntary membership organisations. I think that there are real possibilities in using the applications in the Google package creatively to ramp up the quantity of interactivity within activists of such an organisation.

Once I’ve done that, the next step is to find an application that can improve the quality of that interaction….

One thought on “Google Apps as a catalyst for interactivity?

  1. You’re spot on with this, Paul. Google Apps is a remarkably offering for free: 200 gmail accounts, docs, calendar etc. Google Sites is a beauty as well – perfect for a collaborative intranet, and as you say, for building extranets for client interaction too. It takes a bit of setting up, but once it is done, it poops on rivals like Basecamp from a great height.

    The one thing it lacks is a decent external website, but with a bit of DNS jiggery, you can get WordPress doing that. Perfect – and all for a combined cost of less than £20 a year.

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