Why ‘gamechanging’ makes for better politics

picamp-logo-narkism-and-trebuchet-12-pt-and-symbolOn Tuesday, I’ll be in Belfast (un)organising an Unconference called PICamp – the Political Innovation Camp.

I’m working with the Slugger O’Toole weblog and Amplified ’09 in doing this, and we’re hoping to have sixteen sessions (that’s how many we have time and space for) – each one initiated by attendees.

The most exciting thing about this is that it will have an urgent and collaborative feel to it. Unlike other political conferences, there will be nothing at stake. We won’t be hammering out any composite motions or resolutions. We won’t be agreeing a set of demands that we are going to put to MPs or to the leadership of any political party.

Instead, we’ll be putting the onus on each other to come up with ideas that can change the game – and in Northern Ireland, there are plenty of games that have gone every far into extra time. There is no reward here for unrealistic idealism or sloppy thinking.

It’s about bringing people together – many of whom have never met before – and getting them talking to each other about how they can co-operate and collaborate. It’s the first event of it’s kind, and one that we’d like to roll out elsewhere – if it works in Belfast.

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