New series: Leadership blogging – a primer

I’m going to be publishing a series of practical advice posts here on ‘leadership blogging’ -how social media can help influential people increase their influence – and (perhaps more importantly) be more influenced by others in useful directions.

These posts won’t really tell you what to say if you decide to start using blogging tools for a leadership purpose. Instead, it will help you focus on what it is you can achieve by thinking out loud in a constructive way. However, the message that will come through from most of the posts in this series will be that a blog can be, primarily, a listening tool.

For these purposes, I’m going to treat ‘blogging’ as a catch-all to include ‘micro-blogging’ (Twitter, Facebook, etc), ‘fast-blogging’ (using Posterous, Tumblr, etc) and the more conventional longhand that you can do with tools like, Blogger and the more flexible, bespoke hosted offering from (which you may need a bit of help with). This is a good-enough guide to all of these questions but a five minute chat with me will probably sort this question out for you.

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