Enigma Creative Design website – making a high-visual site really easy to manage

Just a quick signpost to the latest website that I’ve produced. I hope you find it interesting as an insight into the kind of web-strategy that small and medium-sized businesses use today.

Enigma Creative Design had a website that used Adobe Flash – it was very difficult for them to combine the high visual impact that they wanted with the ease of updating that they needed. Their old website was a fully animated design experience – as long as you were using the right browser. It didn’t work that well on newer browsers or anything that wasn’t on a PC.

I proposed that they had a site that used Flickr for a lot of it’s imagery (as well as a few visual tools built into the site). Doing it this way means that they don’t have to worry about staff ‘breaking’ the design templates – the site just draws the images from Flickr, formats them and displays them attractively. They’ve got some great imagery – I just suggested that the website could get out of the way in a lot of cases and be a venue for that imagery rather than a design project in itself.

We built it using WordPress (the coding was done by my old freinds at Clooti) so that they would be able to regularly update it easily and cheaply using the world’s largest stock of low-cost developers, and you will see that we’ve added quite a lot of social media integration. Lots of issues that cause older websites to be rigid expensive-to-change disappear thanks to this decision alone.

Enigma now have options to quickly and easily add new stories to their websites – stories that can automatically cross-post to their LinkedIn / Flickr / Facebook pages when they’re ready to do so. Enigma work with a pretty classy copywriter in @johnpollock and I’m confident that their interventions here will have a high impact.

The key message, though, is that the actual website is no longer as important a focus as it used to be. Visitors can get directly to the images through Flickr and many of the site’s ‘visitors’ may never see the website itself – many will just have a regular flow of information in their peripheral vision as they check their LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook accounts.

It will be interesting to see how this strategy works as I’m helping another friend with his new interior design-led company Floored Genius – they will by trying out a similar strategy.

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