#Raspberry Pi #Raspberry Jam meetup in London –

I’ve bought my son a Raspberry Pi for Xmas. Don’t tell him!

The main reason I’m keen to get him interested in this is that I think that we are increasingly being divided into a role of producers and consumers of digital services. It’s about empowerment.

I’d argue that the definition of ’empowerment’ is laden with unspoken social-class bugs (or features, depending on your social class viewpoint).

To my mind, this is a profoundly political issue, but I’ll let Eben Upton and Theo Blackwell explain why this matters much more efficiently than I can here.

Yesterday morning, I was a bit worried. I wanted to take my son to a meetup where he can be enthused about the possibilities offered by his Raspberry Pi.

I want to strike while the iron is hot after he’s opened his presents. I also like the idea of involving young people in this kind of thing. Earlier this year, I organised an Open Data Day for school pupils in the London Borough that I live in. I wanted to encourage them to get under the bonnet of government data. More about that here if you’re interested.

I asked, on twitter, if anyone knew of any #Raspberryjam meetups soon after Xmas in or around London. There aren’t weren’t any planned, but my Twitter feed convened one in no time at all.

John Bevan of Mozilla (the people behind Firefox) ponied up an offer of a central London venue for a meeting on Thursday 3rd January, and Rob Bishop of Raspberry Pi quickly followed with an offer to attend and help out. A few others with experience in running ‘Raspberry Jam’ events also volunteered to help out, and …. bingo! We’ve got a plan.

So: Book your tickets now! And please please please only book a ticket if you’re going to come. And if you change your mind after booking, please take the time to log back into Eventbrite and give your ticket back.

Update: I’ve decided to charge £5 to people who book but don’t turn up. You pay £5 to get the ticket and we give you a £5 note when you arrive. Unfortunately there’s a booking fee that we can’t refund but it’s <£1.

I suspect demand will massively outstrip supply, so please bear this in mind.


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