#Raspberry Pi #Raspberry Jam meetup in London –

I’ve bought my son a Raspberry Pi for Xmas. Don’t tell him! The main reason I’m keen to get him interested in this is that I think that we are increasingly being divided into a role of producers and consumers of digital services. It’s about empowerment. I’d argue that the definition of ’empowerment’ is laden […]

Political Innovation in 2012 – what we’ve been up to

Memeserver’s main contribution to the commons in 2012 has been the organisation of the following informal and conversational events in London. Crowdsourcing analysis for policymakers How open data is being used government, how it could be used as a participative tool, and what the opportunities / pitfalls could be. Presented by Andrew Stott Co-design and policymaking […]

Schools and Open Data

Over the past year or so, I’ve been working – on and off – to gather interest in the idea of encouraging school pupils to explore open data, data visualisation, and the political lessons that can be drawn from this. I won’t go into too much detail about his now as I’ve covered it extensively […]

Circles of influence

This article on the Pinboard blog comes with the most credible of endorsements: At least four people that I know (who aren’t connected to each other as far as I know) have linked to it on Facebook/Google+/Twitter. In an odd way, the way that I found it shows the other side of the question that […]

The Twitter ‘Firehose’: Going beyond the tip-of-the-iceberg.

I’ll be posting up a bit more about social media analytics over the coming weeks and months, but today’s news – ‘Hedge fund uses Twitter sentiment analysis to guide decisions’ – provides a useful opportunity to provide a timely taster. For example, can we use this kind of approach to improve campaigning, media-monitoring, governance or public health? […]

More on viral imagery

A while ago, I posted here on a list of images that had gone viral – images that had properties that made people want to forward them on to others. Here’s a good post with another load of them – including this one (perhaps the most mild mannered one of all of them, but my […]

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