Socialising your organisation’s information; could this be easier?

A few of the organisations that I work with have raised very similar queries with me recently. In each case, they’re public or voluntary sector bodies who don’t really have issues around proprietary information. They believe that most of the information that they have should be made as widely available as possible. Reading this article […]

What web-developers don’t want you to know

If you’re thinking of developing a website for your business or organisation, you can use Google to find a few articles with standard boilerplate advice about using wireframes, the linear-thinking alternative, the Project Initiation Document (PiD) with a conclusion that you should really be digging the dynamic and hip agile approach to planning your work. Combine this with the expensive […]

Enigma Creative Design website – making a high-visual site really easy to manage

Just a quick signpost to the latest website that I’ve produced. I hope you find it interesting as an insight into the kind of web-strategy that small and medium-sized businesses use today. Enigma Creative Design had a website that used Adobe Flash – it was very difficult for them to combine the high visual impact […]

Most usable Content Management Systems

For quite a number of years, I worked on a project that was intended to produce the killer Content Management System. Basically, the tool that sits at the core of your website, managing the text, images, functionality and layout. My job was to persuade people to use it (and pay for it) so that the […]

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