Schools and Open Data

Over the past year or so, I’ve been working – on and off – to gather interest in the idea of encouraging school pupils to explore open data, data visualisation, and the political lessons that can be drawn from this. I won’t go into too much detail about his now as I’ve covered it extensively […]

The Twitter ‘Firehose’: Going beyond the tip-of-the-iceberg.

I’ll be posting up a bit more about social media analytics over the coming weeks and months, but today’s news – ‘Hedge fund uses Twitter sentiment analysis to guide decisions’ – provides a useful opportunity to provide a timely taster. For example, can we use this kind of approach to improve campaigning, media-monitoring, governance or public health? […]

Socialising your organisation’s information; could this be easier?

A few of the organisations that I work with have raised very similar queries with me recently. In each case, they’re public or voluntary sector bodies who don’t really have issues around proprietary information. They believe that most of the information that they have should be made as widely available as possible. Reading this article […]

Trades Unions using Twitter

Shorter version of this post Twitter is a powerful tool. Increasingly, people who work in campaigns and communications believe this is probably true. They beleive it because thought-leaders in communications and marketing say it’s a powerful tool – and are known to use it very well. (See [social proof]) What they don’t always know is […]

Are voters clever enough to vote?

I’ve written a post over on The Local Democracy Blog offering a quick survey of the debate around voters’ capacity to vote wisely (or not). It asks what ‘wisely’ means and then points to a few articles and books that go some way to answering these questions. I mention it here because I cover issues […]

Can you relax while the Internet chatters about you?

Writing online conversations off (“twittle twattle” – John Prescott) is becoming less of an option. Among the trolls and loons lurk careful pedants. The successful journalist is increasingly defined by their ability to cultivate and harvest the work of such nit-pickers who will find the flaws in your arguments. Such rigorous discussion (notwithstanding the shouty […]

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