Inforgraphics & open data: An introduction.

The leadership blogging series on this site will continue to dance around what is essentially a single point: That blogs are good for getting others to help you describe a problem (the essential prelude to solving it effectively). People who have thought about this potential for any length of time have concluded that an effective […]

Potent Facebook

You may have seen this already, but it’s worth another showing. Using Twitter may offer some instant gratification, but it’s worth remembering just how potent Facebook is as a medium. The Conservative Party’s digital manager Samuel Coates recently tweeted that a Tory microsite got something in the order of ten times as many referrals from […]

New series: Leadership blogging – a primer

I’m going to be publishing a series of practical advice posts here on ‘leadership blogging’ -how social media can help influential people increase their influence – and (perhaps more importantly) be more influenced by others in useful directions. These posts won’t really tell you what to say if you decide to start using blogging tools […]

Bypassing the ‘hard-to-avoids’

Via Mick Phythian, I’ve just seen this (shorter version: people don’t use interactive services because it undervalues their time, ‘valuing it at zero’- face-to-face is a more reliable ideal, and the utility calculation has to be positive before people will take online options. If buying something online saves you £20 then you may take the […]


The G20 Summit is providing an appropriate showcase for the excellent Debategraph application. I’ve written about it over here on the Local Democracy blog, but as a quick primer, Debategraph takes the idea of a ‘debate wiki’ one step further – providing a Graphical User Interface to arguments. I’d argue that this is the most […]

Mixed Ink

At the end of February, I was in Miami for the WeMedia Pitchit final. It was a fantastic event – very interesting to see what the social media community looks like in the US – how they are responding to the different challenges of a different polity. I’ve written this up in more detail over […]

An instructive online consultation

Though there are lots of ways to make a document available for commenting online, I’ve still not seen anything as effective as the use of a slightly hacked blog in allowing the public to get into the detail of a document. A few years ago, the Power Enquiry made it’s findings available in this way. […]

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