Leadership blogging tips 8: Ask the audience before making your next decision

In a couple of previous postings here, I underlined the importance of targeting, and the need to make sure that your work is being followed by the key people that you need to influence (advocacy targets, colleagues, connectors and mavens, etc). This post will qualify that slightly. Numbers also matter. While it’s important to have […]

New series: Leadership blogging – a primer

I’m going to be publishing a series of practical advice posts here on ‘leadership blogging’ -how social media can help influential people increase their influence – and (perhaps more importantly) be more influenced by others in useful directions. These posts won’t really tell you what to say if you decide to start using blogging tools […]

Speaking to Trade Unions about social me …

Speaking to Trade Unions about social media tonight. Going to cover ideas like ‘crowdsourcing policy evidence’ ‘point-of-view shifting’ and trying to focus members on policy not politics, participative policy-making and the benefits (better quality, more credibility), increasing the visibility of Unions and recruitment patterns online. I’ll post the notes up here later.

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