Enigma Creative Design website – making a high-visual site really easy to manage

Just a quick signpost to the latest website that I’ve produced. I hope you find it interesting as an insight into the kind of web-strategy that small and medium-sized businesses use today. Enigma Creative Design had a website that used Adobe Flash – it was very difficult for them to combine the high visual impact […]

20 Signs

I meant to post this ‘20 signs you don’t want a social media project’ post when it appeared before Christmas, but for some reason I didn’t. It’s a response to Jeffrey Zeldman’s ‘20 signs you don’t want that web design project‘ post – one that it a great deal more familliar. I can vouch for […]

The Market for Lemons

… and why public sector procurement drives down quality Economists have a term for the way that quality is driven out of markets where purchasers don’t have a way of measuring quality. It’s called ‘the market for lemons’ Take web-accessibility for instance: Every governmental body needs to have it. Very few know what it really […]

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