Political Innovation in 2012 – what we’ve been up to

Memeserver’s main contribution to the commons in 2012 has been the organisation of the following informal and conversational events in London. Crowdsourcing analysis for policymakers How open data is being used government, how it could be used as a participative tool, and what the opportunities / pitfalls could be. Presented by Andrew Stott Co-design and policymaking […]

Circles of influence

This article on the Pinboard blog comes with the most credible of endorsements: At least four people that I know (who aren’t connected to each other as far as I know) have linked to it on Facebook/Google+/Twitter. In an odd way, the way that I found it shows the other side of the question that […]

The Twitter ‘Firehose’: Going beyond the tip-of-the-iceberg.

I’ll be posting up a bit more about social media analytics over the coming weeks and months, but today’s news – ‘Hedge fund uses Twitter sentiment analysis to guide decisions’ – provides a useful opportunity to provide a timely taster. For example, can we use this kind of approach to improve campaigning, media-monitoring, governance or public health? […]

Socialising your organisation’s information; could this be easier?

A few of the organisations that I work with have raised very similar queries with me recently. In each case, they’re public or voluntary sector bodies who don’t really have issues around proprietary information. They believe that most of the information that they have should be made as widely available as possible. Reading this article […]

Leadership blogging tips 10: Be human

Marshall McLuhan would have been 100 years old today if he’d lived. This makes it a good day to remind ourselves of this insight: “…an administrator in a bureaucratic world is a man who can feel big by merging his non-entity in an abstraction. A real person in touch with real things inspires terror in […]

Politicos meeting gamers

Just a quick pointer to an event I’m helping to organise tomorrow evening in central London: Politicos meet Gamers – Adam Street Club, 9 Adam Street, London WC2N 6AA. [tickets] There are still a few tickets left and I’ve outlined some of my own thinking behind why it’s a worthwhile meetup to attend and I’ve […]

Leadership blogging tips 9: Knowing what to write about

So far, the advice here has been…. Know who you’re writing for – and write for them Be questioning and uncertain rather than assertive – be part of a conversation and not a lecture Short nuggets rather than beginning-middle-end walk-throughs Write to start conversations with useful people – get feedback from outside of your circle Blog […]

Leadership blogging tips 8: Ask the audience before making your next decision

In a couple of previous postings here, I underlined the importance of targeting, and the need to make sure that your work is being followed by the key people that you need to influence (advocacy targets, colleagues, connectors and mavens, etc). This post will qualify that slightly. Numbers also matter. While it’s important to have […]

Leadership blogging tips 7: Promoting your work

The first tip in this series urged leadership bloggers to decide who they were writing for and to focus on this audience. Subsequent tips have looked at how you do this with your writing and how you handle subsequent interaction. But there’s also the mechanics of getting those all-important eyeballs on your work. Remember, though […]

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