#Raspberry Pi #Raspberry Jam meetup in London –

I’ve bought my son a Raspberry Pi for Xmas. Don’t tell him! The main reason I’m keen to get him interested in this is that I think that we are increasingly being divided into a role of producers and consumers of digital services. It’s about empowerment. I’d argue that the definition of ’empowerment’ is laden […]

More on viral imagery

A while ago, I posted here on a list of images that had gone viral – images that had properties that made people want to forward them on to others. Here’s a good post with another load of them – including this one (perhaps the most mild mannered one of all of them, but my […]

Politicos meeting gamers

Just a quick pointer to an event I’m helping to organise tomorrow evening in central London: Politicos meet Gamers – Adam Street Club, 9 Adam Street, London WC2N 6AA. [tickets] There are still a few tickets left and I’ve outlined some of my own thinking behind why it’s a worthwhile meetup to attend and I’ve […]

Another reason spam is on the way out

Mashable has a widely re-circulated post saying that spam is on the way out. Apparently there’s 82.22% less than there was a year ago because of various enforcement measure (cops, ISPs etc). There’s also the alarming other side to the story: That malware is a growing menace. I’d suggest that this landmark provides a useful […]

Inforgraphics & open data: An introduction.

The leadership blogging series on this site will continue to dance around what is essentially a single point: That blogs are good for getting others to help you describe a problem (the essential prelude to solving it effectively). People who have thought about this potential for any length of time have concluded that an effective […]

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