Enigma Creative Design website – making a high-visual site really easy to manage

Just a quick signpost to the latest website that I’ve produced. I hope you find it interesting as an insight into the kind of web-strategy that small and medium-sized businesses use today. Enigma Creative Design had a website that used Adobe Flash – it was very difficult for them to combine the high visual impact […]

RSS + lateral thinking

If there is one bit of technology that I would urge every non-techie to get their head around, it’s RSS – ‘really simple syndication.’ This is a facility that most modern websites have added to them allowing visitors to take bits of content and use them in a variety of ways. The most obvious use […]

Bootstrapping skills – mailmerge

This is a short post about a subject that someone in your office needs to know about. A basic understanding of how mailmerge works, along with a bit of lateral thinking can help you get your information out very effectively – and save you loads of work. It’s as useful a bit of knowledge as […]

Potent Facebook

You may have seen this already, but it’s worth another showing. Using Twitter may offer some instant gratification, but it’s worth remembering just how potent Facebook is as a medium. The Conservative Party’s digital manager Samuel Coates recently tweeted that a Tory microsite got something in the order of ten times as many referrals from […]

New series: Leadership blogging – a primer

I’m going to be publishing a series of practical advice posts here on ‘leadership blogging’ -how social media can help influential people increase their influence – and (perhaps more importantly) be more influenced by others in useful directions. These posts won’t really tell you what to say if you decide to start using blogging tools […]

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