Obstacles to interactivity

Tim Davies has written a post about the kind of obstacles that get in the way of organisations in promoting interactivity. He has then spun it out into a Wiki. It’s quite a brilliant idea of Tim’s and I’ve written about it here on the Local Democracy blog. My shorter version of a long post […]

20 Signs

I meant to post this ‘20 signs you don’t want a social media project’ post when it appeared before Christmas, but for some reason I didn’t. It’s a response to Jeffrey Zeldman’s ‘20 signs you don’t want that web design project‘ post – one that it a great deal more familliar. I can vouch for […]

Assistive technology

For a useful introduction to how assistive technology supports web-browsing for people with different ability sets, have a look at the new Ability Net ‘Easy’ website.

An instructive online consultation

Though there are lots of ways to make a document available for commenting online, I’ve still not seen anything as effective as the use of a slightly hacked blog in allowing the public to get into the detail of a document. A few years ago, the Power Enquiry made it’s findings available in this way. […]

The Market for Lemons

… and why public sector procurement drives down quality Economists have a term for the way that quality is driven out of markets where purchasers don’t have a way of measuring quality. It’s called ‘the market for lemons’ Take web-accessibility for instance: Every governmental body needs to have it. Very few know what it really […]

Google Apps as a catalyst for interactivity?

Over the next few days, I’m going to be looking at the possibilities that Google Apps provide in creating a ready-make extranet-cum-email system for large-ish voluntary membership organisations. I think that there are real possibilities in using the applications in the Google package creatively to ramp up the quantity of interactivity within activists of such […]

TUC Social Media Seminar – speaking notes

I spoke at a TUC seminar last night. There were a few other really good speakers including one of my favourite political bloggers, Tom P, and high-traffic campaigner Richard Murphy , Nigel Stanley – TUC head of comms and manager of the ToUChstone blog. Here are my speaking notes. John Gray wrote about it on […]

Membership organisations websites – the basics

I was at a TUC seminar on social media last night, doing  a short talk alongside a couple of very good bloggers. I’ll post notes on what I said later, but – as a prelude, I thought I’d put up a short post about something that preoccupied me for a number of years while working […]

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