Trades Unions using Twitter

Shorter version of this post Twitter is a powerful tool. Increasingly, people who work in campaigns and communications believe this is probably true. They beleive it because thought-leaders in communications and marketing say it’s a powerful tool – and are known to use it very well. (See [social proof]) What they don’t always know is […]

Google Apps as a catalyst for interactivity?

Over the next few days, I’m going to be looking at the possibilities that Google Apps provide in creating a ready-make extranet-cum-email system for large-ish voluntary membership organisations. I think that there are real possibilities in using the applications in the Google package creatively to ramp up the quantity of interactivity within activists of such […]

Membership organisations websites – the basics

I was at a TUC seminar on social media last night, doing  a short talk alongside a couple of very good bloggers. I’ll post notes on what I said later, but – as a prelude, I thought I’d put up a short post about something that preoccupied me for a number of years while working […]

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