The Twitter ‘Firehose’: Going beyond the tip-of-the-iceberg.

I’ll be posting up a bit more about social media analytics over the coming weeks and months, but today’s news – ‘Hedge fund uses Twitter sentiment analysis to guide¬†decisions’¬†– provides a useful opportunity to provide a timely taster. For example, can we use this kind of approach to improve campaigning, media-monitoring, governance or public health? […]

Trades Unions using Twitter

Shorter version of this post Twitter is a powerful tool. Increasingly, people who work in campaigns and communications believe this is probably true. They beleive it because thought-leaders in communications and marketing say it’s a powerful tool – and are known to use it very well. (See [social proof]) What they don’t always know is […]

Potent Facebook

You may have seen this already, but it’s worth another showing. Using Twitter may offer some instant gratification, but it’s worth remembering just how potent Facebook is as a medium. The Conservative Party’s digital manager Samuel Coates recently tweeted that a Tory microsite got something in the order of ten times as many referrals from […]

Digital exclusion

When new applications like Twitter proliferate, they rapidly become a ‘must have’ in certain circles. If you go to a conference, not having a twitter account excludes you from Kathryn blogged this here a while ago – and I get the impression that it can be fixed if you can get the attention of somone […]

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